The Rocky Mountaineer – a must do in Canada

Our journey on the Rocky Mountaineer was a two day train ride from Banff, via Kamloops (overnight) to Vancouver.  We decided to go with the Gold Leaf Service which offers the two level, glass domed coach with full-length windows, a separate dining room and complimentary drinks and snacks.

But what was waiting for us when we arrived at Banff to board the Rocky Mountaineer was even more exciting!  Not only did we have the front carriage of the Gold Leaf Service which meant sitting in the top of the two level carriages, but we also had the very front seats of the front carriage of the Gold Leaf Service!


Yes, that is the view from our seats!

But I digress.  When you arrive at the train station at Banff you are greeted by beautiful old rail carriages.  If you have some time before boarding the Rocky Mountaineer, these are great to explore.


The best way to describe the amazing scenery is to show you.




Another glacier.  We never got tired of seeing the stunning glaciers throughout Canada.


A little bit of white water.



Heading into Kamloops at sunset.


When you arrive in Kamloops, the Rocky Mountaineer has a bus waiting for you to take you to your hotel for the evening.  So what is there to do in Kamloops for a night?  We decided to take a walk around the town before hitting the casino!


There is a definite change in scenery on day two, with the beautiful lush green forests giving way to the coloured earth as we head to Vancouver.


There is plenty of wildlife to see, but you have to be quick to get a photo.  One of my many “backside” shots of wildlife.  These mountain goats were a bit shy and didn’t want their photo taken.


As we travel closer to Vancouver we enter flatter ground and head through some of the amazing small towns dotted along the rail line.  We arrived in Vancouver late in the afternoon of Day 2.

The whole journey was amazing, from scrumptious three course meals in our exclusive dining area, to the wonderful staff who made you feel at home from the very beginning to the stunning scenery the whole trip.  An amazing journey.

RECOMMENDATION:  Highly recommended.

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