Male Statues & their appendiges

Did I get your attention? haha.

After reading a rather interesting article titled “Why Aren’t Classical Statues Very Well Endowed”, it had me looking back through my photos of my trip to Florence, Italy.  Check out the article.

So I thought I would share some of those photos with you.  I know you want to see them!

Now obviously, the Statue of David is not in these photos as you can’t take photos in the museum.

Boboli Gardens


Above: Fountain of Neptune, otherwise known as the Fountain of the Fork


Above:  This is the Fountain of Bacchus which represents Braccio di Bartolo, part of the court of Cosimo I de’Medici.  He is depicted as naked and drunk with wine, riding a turtle (don’t ask me why, I don’t know!).

Piazza della Signoria


Above:  Replica statue of David


Above:  Hercules and Cacus – 1533

Loggia dei Lanzi

Loggia dei Lanzi is an open air museum next to the Piazza del Signoria.


Above:  Perseus holding the decapitated head of Medusa (in bronze) – 1554


Above:  Rape of the Sabine Women – 1583


Above:  Menelaus supporting the body of Patroclus

Other Statues

And then there were statues that I can’t remember where they are but they are in Florence.




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    1. Thanks so much. Glad you like them as I really enjoy putting them together!

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